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Published on March 1 2016

The name of the item is no lie, these earphones certainly have heaps of bass, and doesn't bargain with mids and highs, both of which are likewise awesome. These are the best *sounding* earphones at the cost. Sadly, with such concentrate on sound, everything else was held back on.

Configuration is an individual decision, I for one am not exceptionally partial to the plan of these, but rather, once more, everybody has their own particular perspectives on that. In any case, these earphones are not going to stop people in their tracks, and I wish that Maxell offered a couple with no outline on them, or maybe a with an extremely dull dark rather than the strong blue and yellow.

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The manufacture quality is bad, and I don't see these enduring much manhandle. While modifying the fit on your ear, you can hear the driver inside clicking from the weight. The joints of the earphones are additionally free, which makes getting these to where you need to somewhat hard to get used to. Then again, it folds up pleasantly, and you can position them to remain all alone. Solace is OK, the cushion on top could have been somewhat bigger, on the grounds that despite the fact that I have a significant little head, I can feel where the cushion starts and stops.

These earphones do keep outside sounds out extremely well (too well now and again). Be that as it may, they make an awful showing with regards to with keeping sounds in; a great deal of sound breaks out, which can pester onlookers and dangers security.

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